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Used, Pre-Owned, & Refurb Extreme Networks Equipment

We Buy, Sell, and Trade Used Network Equipment

With everything you purchase from Used Extreme Networks, you will receive a FREE one-year warranty! Not only this, but at GGI's you can save 50-90% off original list price by buying used Extreme Networks routers, Extreme Networks switches, Extreme Networks transceivers, or any other Extreme Networks products. We are one of the world's largest used network equipment outlets!

Here at GGI's, we buy, sell, and trade used network equipment. This is one of the reasons why we have such a huge stock on hand. In addition, we use our extensive sourcing channels to help us locate rare and obscure models.

Why Choose GGI's Used Extreme Networks?

We are a trusted reseller of used Extreme Networks and other leading network equipment and accessories. We put all our network equipment and accessories through a rigorous 25-point inspection process, because we only want to sell reliable used network equipment. We guarantee our network equipment with a one-year warranty! We carry a huge inventory of new and used network equipment from leading manufacturers. Save up to 50-90% off the original list price by buying from us.

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Email us at and supply us with the part number(s) and any other requirements and let our expert purchasing department locate the item for you. We offer great deals! Check us out and just give us a try today!


Part # Extreme 10011 LX GBIC

Description: Extreme 1000BASE-SX (SC) Fiber GBIC-based Transceiver Module - Summit7i maximizes server availability and performance by combining server load-balancing with wire-speed switching...